A Letter to My Boys

My sweet boys

I’m sorry sometimes I get frustrated, short, distant. It’s not how I like to be, and I feel guilty I haven’t managed myself and my emotions better.

But, despite this, even though I don’t say it out loud, every day I marvel at how wonderful you are.

I wonder at how big you have grown, and how quickly time is passing.

I wonder at how independently you can do things and how able and capable you are.

I wonder at your simple joys and laughter and delights.

I wonder at your huge imagination and the colorful little worlds you create.

I wonder at your inquisitiveness and curious mind.

I wonder at how logically you can think, remember and figure things out.

I wonder at your sweetness, your kindness, and your tender moments.

I wonder at your bravery, your capacity to overcome fear, and to step out of your comfort zone.

I wonder at the beautiful sparkle in your eyes and the shining smile on your face.

I wonder at the perfection that you are and how it is I was entrusted with such treasure.

I wonder at how much you have filled my life with love and purpose.

And mostly I wonder how, after all my mistakes, you are so quick to let go and forgive and love me, even with all my flaws.

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