That’s how I’m feeling today. It should have been a good day, but I feel like the wind has been completely taken out of my sails.

Ever do something for someone that’s meant to be fun, happy, out of love and it’s completely blown up in your face? Yep. And somehow more often than not.

It makes me question values. My values – the views and ideas I have of the world and people… A huge life lesson for me has been to realize that people don’t think as I think. Seems silly to think that they would, but still I am caught off guard by some of the actions of others, and how I cannot comprehend how they can do or say the things they have.

I feel like my values are good and genuine, but what does it say about me when I surround myself with people whose values aren’t the same, aren’t as genuine. Am I naive? Disillusioned perhaps? Or am I just weak – not strong enough to stand up and speak out? Too afraid again, afraid of what?

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